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my rinse

By: kris acosta
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i make my own herbal rinses here at home, using nothin but herbs, home grown plants and a few other things i find in my pantry.

ill boil a huge pot of water and add a couple of bags of green tea and chamomile, cloves, fresh rosemary and sometimes ill throw in a few basil leaves. before it cools down ill a few drops of peppermint extract, lavender oil, lemon juice, sea salt, ground sage and ground thyme and a few squeezes of this all natural aloe extract. once its cool ill add apple cider juice w/o persevs and so forth, and some red wine vinegar...then right before i hop in the shower ill add the baking soda and stir it all up...dip my dreads, pour it all over my scalp and let them dangle and soak it all up..i use my palms to massage it all in and leave it be for about ten minutes.then ill use the coldest water i can tolerate to rinse it all away...the aftermath is the sweetest! your scalp is fresh and clean...feels like its breathing ;) your dreads are totally alive and residue free...i never blow dry or use any dreading methods. i air dry it and use my finger tips to comb it back and let the hair fall into its natural thats what i call rejuvenating my natty dreads...

guys should check out the recipe, hopefully it works wonders in your dreads like it does is very much welcomed!

kris acosta
06/16/12 11:13:26PM @kris-acosta:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/16/12 10:26:09PM @soaring-eagle:

welll i would highly recomend some moderations

1 skip the lemoon juice entirely

2 do not mix baking soda and vinager! that causes a violent cj=hemical reaction and u end up with a totaly diferent chemical u dont want..sooo

bix tge herbs and baking soda into your wash soak

then some of the same herbs and vinger into your rinse soak but rinse out the baking soda 1 well before pouring on the vinager 1

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