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Location: Acworth, GA
Zipcode: 30102
Country: US


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daisy from a faeries point of view
stages of life
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spring flower
autumn colors
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dreadies 1st birthday~


Good Energy
07/04/11 12:25:03PM @good-energy:
Haha! I know right? But yeah not much excitement going on today that I know of. Just gonna chill. Hope yer having a beautiful day!

Good Energy
07/02/11 02:16:23AM @good-energy:
Thanks hon. Hope u do too!

Good Energy
06/04/11 11:10:22AM @good-energy:
Thanks for the comment Mama! And i'm soooo glad you're ok and doing fine! Hope your weekend is beautiful and ya see something strange and unique! Much love to ya!

Good Energy
05/31/11 07:06:22PM @good-energy:
Hey Mama, I'm gettin worried about ya. I hear ya about being lonely. Hoping you're not on here cuz yer spending a ton of time with your soulmate! Lol! Hope yer doing ok! Much love!

Good Energy
05/28/11 07:23:14PM @good-energy:
Hope all is well down in GA. Rainy and wet here in IN. Just wanted to say hey and let ya know yer not alone! Big rays of sunshine your way!

05/08/11 08:02:57PM @dreadtheworld:
Glad to have you as a friend. Nice to meet you.

04/13/11 03:27:26PM @cheekychu:
hey u! not too shabby, tho the weather bites today.. cant wait for warm sun! how u doin down there?

04/13/11 03:19:14PM @doogie:
and the same to you as well! :-)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/17/11 01:54:27AM @soaring-eagle:
ohh sages mom? ok i got ya hugs

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/15/11 08:55:32PM @soaring-eagle:
:) us theres oh tight your a mother daughter healer lover poet profit scholar bum so i guess the us refers to the different aspects of youness?

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