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A Lead

user image 2011-11-15
By: KnottyPrincess
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This is an update from my last blog. If you haven't read it, it's about my search for my biological father. My grandfather's wife has been helping me search for him and in my last blog, I said that she thought she had narrowed it down to two possibilities. Well, as of tonight, we believe we may have it narrowed down to one possibility. Now this doesn't mean that it's ABSOLUTELY him. It's not a sure thing. I called my adopted mom and asked her if she had any paperwork that he had signed when my parents adopted me. We were hoping to get a middle name or at least initial out of it, but he didn't sign with one. HOWEVER, she found the envelope with the address that they had mailed it to. It was his mother's old address. So, my bio-mom and I called my grandfather's wife and told her, and she said there is a man she found by that name living on the same street! I'm hoping and praying that it's him. I really hope he's either still there, or we can track him to his next address. I'm feeling a huge mixture of emotions right now. I'm excited about the possibility, but I'm also so afraid that I'll never find him, or he'll be dead... What if I do find him, and he doesn't want anything to do with me? My adopted mom and my biological mom keep telling me that they don't think that will be the case because he really loved me and he was a sweet and loving father. I am BEGGING God to help me find him. I just keep praying that this lead means something and that it leads to something positive. I'm trying so hard not to get my hopes up...but it's so hard not to. I will be so devastated if he turns up dead or we don't find him. But if we don't, I'll keep searching. If he's dead, I'll mourn, and then move on with my life.

11/15/11 12:36:30AM @knottyprincess:

Thanks Gabe! That means a lot! (If you don't believe in prayer...a little love and light is always appreciated if that's what you prefer...and works just as well!) And Thank you Kathleen! :-)

11/15/11 12:20:17AM @kathleen:

All the best to you with this search KnottyPrincess~ I really hope you find him. : )

Gabe McCoy
11/15/11 12:14:36AM @gabe-mccoy:

Wow I really hope it turns out to be him, make sure to keep me posted. I'll be praying for you too. (I don't really believe in God but I can see you do so I'll give you a lil prayer :))

11/15/11 12:08:33AM @knottyprincess:

Sorry this one wasn't as organized as my last one. I have a lot of emotions going on inside of me, and I just wanted to get it all out.

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