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08/20/10 10:29:43PM @dreadfultravis:
Jonny I agree with NaturalWomyn...When I first posted in the forum I was pretty harsh and for that I'm sorry, I do appreciate you being so open minded about this. I hope that our testimonies helped you at least a little. Just wanted to apologize for being the way I was.

08/20/10 07:16:33PM @naturalwomyn:
i think you're remaining really open minded during all of this and I have to admit that you've surprised me quite a bit. I commend you in initiating this and I hope we can all work together with the understanding that what's right for one is not necessarily right for the other as long as there is some mutual respect while ideas are being shared even if they are different. The truth is what's important and I hope we can all pitch in together to spread it. Many Blessings

colbi godlove
08/19/10 01:19:51AM @colbi-godlove:
Hey, I need a candle, i figured you would be the guy to ask.

Murphy the rasta
08/18/10 09:18:39PM @murphy-the-rasta:
you know wt?i've only try your wax for once...finger much wax im fooking sure there is lesser than your recommendation,,,,makes my dreads still strap wax there...not cool ,rite?i mean u're a supper high eq man...that kindda high maintained dreads are not my goal...

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/13/10 02:07:02AM @soaring-eagle:
its funny everyone whos ever joined this site made many freinds instasntlyyour the 1st ever to not have a single friend..and i think you answered 1 quesyion untruthfully when you joined, the are you here just to spam you said no, but thats about all ive seen from youwe invited you to a debate and you made a mockery out of it you attempted to devide the community into an us versus them but failed we remained unified and you just looked like a foolyou are still welcome here but i do hope you learned somethingdreadheads all over are realizing yur all lies and dont care about the harm you do.maybe if you did less harm, or owned up to the harm youve done youd gain alot more respect.well i do respect that you showed your face here but then you destroyed respect quicklyi thinnk many of your dreadheadhq cusyomers were watching toowe would like to note after 4 days you could not answer 1 single question and even after allowing you to rewrite the question your answer was not an answer at all just another advertising gimmikthe question was how can a water proof wazx wash out not how do you recomend a waterproof wax be usedi really believe now that you are fully aware that wax use is useless and harmfull

Courtney J
05/08/10 03:21:17PM @courtney-j:
Take a look around and try to soak up some of our site. I also respect your effort.

05/07/10 08:16:54PM @seven:
why hello there sir

05/07/10 08:14:38PM @iain:
Hola, kinda funny to be talking with ya after after first seeing you on youtube way back in the day (maybe not so long)anyways Welcome, cool that you showed up. and even if this all goes to shit, I'm glad you're making a obvious effort and I respect that.

05/07/10 08:06:16PM @alicia:
Thanks for coming to the site.. I am super new to dreading, so it's nice to see everyones different point of view.

Kris D.
05/07/10 08:01:26PM @kris-d:
heyaaa Johnny, welcome to the site!read your post, and I'm glad that the site has given you a more in-depth understanding of the "all-natural" dreadlies that make up our site. (I use this term rather loosely)If there's anything you need, or anything we can help you with, don't be afraid to ask.

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