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Kika Moonh


Location: Cape Town, Western Cape
Country: ZA

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My dreadlock journey

user image 2012-07-24
By: Kika Moonh
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Ok well first off hi!:)this is my first time dreading and I decided to go natural something soaring eagle said really made sense to me. He said that many people who get dreads through TnR or back combing haven't grown with their dreads and therefore aren't ready for them. I really connected with this as I perceive dreadlocks to be more than just a physical journey but also a spiritual and mental journey. Who knows they might even lead me to enlightenment! Lol well enough of the spiritual mambo jambo and let's talk about the dreads! I started yesterday. I didn't have to throw away the comb or hair brush...didn't own one. For me it's more the actually having to wash my hair as I usually let it get oily as its more 'controllable' and less big. Anywho! This is my second day of dreading and I can already feel my hair starting to dread at the back in my curls. I'm really excited about this as I thought it was gonna take forever! I'll try and upload some pics of day one and as I go from there!Peace, love and happy dreading!
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