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Obstacle in the dread journey

user image 2011-08-15
By: Kid Ayn Gibran
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After running in the hot, blazing sun yesterday I decided to wash my hair for the second time of the day. I've done this before and previously had no problems besides itchy scalp possibly from dry scalp. Yesterday was different. After my hair air dried I noticed the tips of my dreads were white. I looked closer in the mirror, played with them a bit and noticed they released a powdery substance. Now I'm assuming it's salt from my sweat, but if it were salt it would've dissolved when washed ( I use Dr. Bronner's Magic soap Tea Tree and Eucalyptus). I don't think Dr. Bronner's would leave residue. I'm so confused and upset. I'm black so my hair is really dark and the white tips are really noticeable. Help somebody!!!!

Kid Ayn Gibran
08/15/11 08:48:26PM @kid-ayn-gibran:

Soaring are Dread Saver. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/15/11 07:17:52PM @soaring-eagle:

thiats non residue u want anti residue to removbe buildup theres only 2 options nutragena anti residue or suave clarifying theyre the kinda thing u only want to use once a month or so

Kid Ayn Gibran
08/15/11 07:05:47PM @kid-ayn-gibran:

I do have hard water. Funny thing is I never had this problem until I used the bar soap instead of liquid. I actually don't use moisturizers. I use a rosemary, sage, aloe vera tea 1-2/ does wonders. There's not really a scent when wet except for that head sweat scent, nothing funky or unusual though.

Do you have any suggestions for an anti-residue shampoo. I used the knotty boy bar soap without any problems, but its so expensive compared to bronners.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/15/11 06:44:48PM @soaring-eagle:

bronners can leave residues if you have hard water plus since your black you probly use other residue laden moisturizers tho it could also be mold if you wash twice in a day and sweat for hours it doesnt get dry is there andy scent at all when wet?

if no scent tru ]y an anti residue shampoo if theres a scent try the mold cures

it could also be lint?

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