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dreadlocks shampoo
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Dreadlocks Shampoo Review: Tea Tree & Rosemary Shampoo Bar

user image 2013-03-11
By: Kid Ayn Gibran
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OK yall this is a quick review of a shampoo I just received from Bucks County Soap Factory: Dreadlocks Shampoo. I bought the Tea Tree & Rosemary shampoo bar. Ingredients per their website: saponified oils of organic coconut oil, organic unrefined first press extra virgin olive oil, organic castor bean oil, beer, china white clay, organic essential oils of tea tree and rosemary. Tea tree's benefits are: treatment for oily and dry scalp, dandruff, itchiness, and has antimicrobial/septic/viral properties. Rosemary's benefits include all the above plus it helps stimulate hair growth.

First impression was WOW the scent smelled beautifully and strong, but not overwhelming. It looks like a standard bar of shampoo, but is imprinted with "LOCS". I give the company itself 4 thumbs up for two reasons: 1) A hand written thank you note on the receipt shows the company truly appreciates its customers and 2) They included a free sample of Dragon's Blood.

Like all shampoo bars the lathering of the soap is poor in comparison to chemical shampoos, but that is to be expected and is actually a good sign. Before I washed my hair suffered from small amounts of dandruff due to dry scalp (some dandruff is due to excessive oils). As I washed I could feel the dandruff on my scalp becoming oily again, which means the shampoo was doing it's job to lift dirt/dandruff off and away from the scalp. The first wash didn't seem to do the trick so I repeated. The 2nd time my scalp felt bare of all excess oils/dandruff. The shampoo left my hair feeling oily, but as my hair dried it felt moisturized not oily.

A day later is when I notice negative symptoms of the shampoo. I wake up the next morning and I notice more dandruff on my pillow than usual. I inspect my hair and scalp in the mirror and notice more than normal amounts of dandruff. My scalp also felt noticeably tight, which is an indicator of dryness (in my case anyways). I'm not too sure what went wrong (besides the drying effect of the shampoo of course). Upon further research of Tea Tree oil I learned that it is a strong astringent and if not used correctly it can make dry skin even drier.

Though I am unsatisfied with the results from this shampoo I still am a fan of the company and their other products...just not this one. If you have oily skin this shampoo is perfect, but if you have dry skin use this shampoo sparingly or not at all.


- Kid

PS- So "medically" dandruff is not the same as a dry scalp. So I guess what I have isn't necessarily dandruff, but just dry skin, which can be caused by dehydration, excessive washing, washing with water not cool enough, LACK OF SECRETED OILS (common problem in the black community), or change in the seasons.

03/14/13 07:01:40PM @doogie:
Yeah it does suck but doesn't last long but when that freezing cold water hits your head it feels like hours but like I said it doesn't last to long even though it seems like it

Kid Ayn Gibran
03/14/13 06:39:55PM @kid-ayn-gibran:

Yo Doogie. I rinse with cold to warm water. You're definitely right tho. Hot water is great at removing oils from the scalp, but then it leaves dry skin like crazy. I love Bucks County shampoo too. I just decided to try the Tea Tree shampoo and my scalp didn't like it. Imma try the freezing cold final rinse. That's gotta suck during the winter tho. Which is your favorite scent from Bucks County?

03/14/13 06:27:59PM @doogie:

You washing with cold or hot water? I notice if I forget and wash wih hotter water I have huge amounts of dandruff. I usually wash with warm water but on the colder side of warm, rinse with the same temp then a freezing cold rinse for my final. No dandruff! I won't use any other shampoo besides Bucks County! Try washing the way I do and see what happens. May not happen after your next wash but try it the next few times.

Kid Ayn Gibran
03/14/13 06:05:45PM @kid-ayn-gibran:

Hey Jessie. No I'm actually trading the shampoo for beads. Dreadlocksshampoo also mailed me a sample of their dragon's blood shampoo which I liked from previous use so Imma give that a whirl again. I'm sure it was the Tea Tree. But I usually just do an herbal rinse of rosemary leaves, pepper/spearmint tea, and a bit of an aloe vera stalk. That concoction does wonders as a substitute for just regular water but it's not a deep cleanser, so I'm looking for a new shampoo. I definitely need something for the summer/ warmer seasons.

Jessie Mitalle
03/14/13 02:13:49PM @jessie-mitalle:

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Jessie Mitalle
03/14/13 02:12:47PM @jessie-mitalle:

so what is your next step? Gonna keep with same shampoo but another formula? Or something else entirely? I want to know because I have yet to use shampoo bar but wanting too. I am different nationalities of American Indian, African American and Jewish. I tend to do well with oils, butters and the like. I waiting to see 'no flakes, dryness' and great joy from your next discovery.

melanie rose
03/11/13 10:31:42PM @melanie-rose:
Clay beads**Plus I've got some glass and wooden I could throw in (those aren't made by me)

melanie rose
03/11/13 10:30:28PM @melanie-rose:
Hey kid.. sorry the soap didn't work for you :[ what do you say we barter? I've wanted to try that soap for awhile, and since it didn't work for you would you consider trading for some hand made beads I made myself :] ? I've got tons of cool clap beads in all shapes and sizes. Get back to me brother!

Angel Frye
03/11/13 03:37:19PM @angel-frye:

Black hair does have different needs than Caucasians. THIS is the kind of bar soap that is closer to what you need. Mosalu's got a few varieties and more on the way but the general difference is this-- the butters and oils used. Check out her shop and see the different recipes she uses. Quite a variety. She knows people have different scalps and needs.

Caucasians need the following recipe ingredients-- coconut oil, olive oil, palm, and that's it. Well, and EO's.

Blacks need the following recipe ingredients-- shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, olive oil, castor oil, palm oil, shea oil, and coconut oil. There are a few other butters and oils but they're more obscure. These are the main powerhouse ingredients you'll see more frequently on the market.

Black scalps NEEEEED all those heavy butters to make up the bulk of the butter recipe. The very first ingredients on the label should be those butters. Caucasians need the lighter oils and NO butters because we make all the oil our scalp needs.

And yeah, if tea tree oil upset the balance of your scalp then stay away. Stay away from pine tar soaps, camphor, menthol, and the like.

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