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Week update

By: Kerry Lee White
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So, a week into this and I can honestly say, why did I not do this sooner? Oh yeah....because my job had a problem with people looking different. Well I've had good feedback from my friends, I doubt they're surprised by anything I do anymore but they like them ^.^ My mother still doesn't know :P

I went to town yesterday just for breakfast and a bit of shopping and there were a lot of starers o.O I'm not really a fan of any sort of attention lol, so kinda just avoided eye contact with the humans XD but mostly they seemed interested rather than disgusted. And no one moved away from me assuming I had smelly hair!

Well I had my first wash with Dr. Bronners and after trawling through this site I expected for it to fall out and kept telling myself not to panic. Funnily enough though they didn' I thought ok, maybe while I'm sleeping (I'm always on the move while I'm asleep!) but nope, so I'm just going to leave them be, stop putting a time frame on every step of the way and just see how things go.

My children are indifferent really....mummy does weird things, that's our mummy lol. They've not really said much at all only asking a few questions on how long will I grow them and can they be taken out etc. They're interested let's just put it that way.

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