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Why Dreadlocks?

user image 2012-04-27
By: kendra hutchinson
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Wow. Dreadlocks... For me, it really is a journey, not so much about the the dreads themselves or my hair or whatever. I am beginning this journey after years of being unable to accept myself, as myself. As a woman, it has been very difficult dealing with society's views on beauty.

When I was younger, in high school, I was always busy with schoiol functions, debate, theater, dances, sports, and I worked 2 jobs.. Then, a few years later, I got married. Getting married followed with having our two kiddies who are now 2 and 1. In the past 4 years, I have completely lost myslef. My body has changed significantly, and I've become the complete opposite of who I used to be. My dreadlock journey is symbolic for me as a physical part of my journey to slef love and acceptance. Life should be what I want it to be not what everyone else wants it to be... I hope that with time I will learn to love ME and be able to truly not care what that lady in Wal-Mart was thinking when she gave me that mean look.. I don't want to beat myself up about it anymore. I want to be free.

So as my locs begin to grow from this frizzy heap of a mess into something healthy, natural, and beautiful, I hope that that transformation will lead my soul as well.

I don't know if that makes any sense really when put into words, but it works in my head.. Which is what matters to me!

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