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dreadlocks shampoo
Kelsey Joy


Location: Buffalo, NY
Zipcode: 14221
Country: US


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just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!

from the bottom of my heart thanks :) sorry its so quiet hope you can still hear what i was saying!!
02/02/12 05:51:14AM @lunn:

that was a real sweet video,we all have bad hair days its normal to get pissed off with your dreads once in a while.when my girlfriend had dreads her locks shrunk a lot beacuse she had quitye wavy curly hair witch see washed a lot witch kept making them go tighter so see picked them out im not realy sure there is anything you can do about it i just think its the nature of your hair,at the end of the day when youve had them for a long time they will grow long again and settle down,just give them a year or 2 and im sure you will be happy with them.

good luck.

01/25/12 01:46:52PM @treeofdread:

I enjoy watchin your updates, your dreads are inspiring!

Castaway J
01/24/12 08:26:36PM @castaway-j:

RIGHT ON im so glad your happy with them :D i guess i missed out on some stuff this past month. your dreadies are looking very nice too! i like em!

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