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Kelsey Joy


Location: Buffalo, NY
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1 year old dreadlocks (free form)

my dreads are finally a year old!!!! my dreads were made by simply stop brushing my hair, washing with dr. bronners every 3-4 days, patience, and love
01/19/12 11:31:58PM @aika:

i dont think the shrinkage is a bad thing either! they look thicker than before. and im sure in the summer the sun will bleach out some of that dye. no worries!! and keep us updated! i love your videos!

01/19/12 11:10:21PM @janice:

Don't sweat it, luv. Your dreads just went into extreme locking mode! They will grow in length again. You are still beautiful, and your dreads still rock.

☽ Jasper ☾
01/19/12 09:58:35PM @jasper:

Ohh you poor thing! This probably doesn't make you feel any better about losing so much dread length but last year I bleached my bangs, they fell out and were barely one inch long I cried too haha so I felt really bad for you hearing that :( but I ended up getting a lot of compliments on my tiny bangs after they stopped looking like I lit them on fire, a couple of my classmates even cut their bangs that length because they thought it was fun and different. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise and maybe Karrington is right. Your locks are still so beautiful! they will grow back & be better than ever I'm sure <3 love & light keep your chin up sister!

Karrington <3
01/19/12 09:32:15PM @karrington-3:

I know we are two different ethnicity's, but I dyed my hair last night and it was supposed to be a reddish brown and when it was all said and done, it looked about the same.. you can only really see the new color in the sunlight. Anywho, when I washed all the dye out, my hair had locked up like crazy.. As a matter o fact, there were 3 dreads that has already congo'd at the root and were dreading together. Some of the more "resilient" dreads finally started looking like dreads and now ALL of my dreads have at least 2 inches that are completely dreaded.. I think your dreads locked up more firmly and will develop more rapidly now. I know mine have. :))

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