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Kelly Williams


Location: Shawnee, KS
Zipcode: 66218
Country: US


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Am I doing this for the right reason?

By Kelly Williams, 2012-04-11

Why does a 44 year old women decide to dread her hair? Is it because my entire adult life has been to serve others? I work full time, I'm a wife for 20 years, I'm the mother of 2 children, I'm the daughter of 2 older parents, the sister of a brother incarcerated, the friend who is always there to help. When is is my time? Am I selfish to want my time? Am I thoughtless to how my parents would feel about this? Am I the comedian at work who everyone likes to tease about "her mid-life crisis"? Am I the "cool mom" on the block that all the other mothers mock when I'm not around? Why does a 44 year old women decide to dread her hair?

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