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TnR Timeline for Partial Dreads

By Keilaina, 2014-09-05

A little history...

On August 21st, 2013, I started my partial dreads using the TnR method mainly because I wasn't doing my entire head. I wanted a clear line of separation so I could use different shampoo and conditioner on my free flowing hair while protecting my dreads and finishing with a residue free shampoo for just the dreads. This also made it easier to keep the rest of my hair from joining the party. :)
I did all of the actually twisting and ripping myself but I had the help of my husband and a friend with the sectioning. I started with 3 rows in the back totaling 32 tiny dreads. They were extremely thin because I kept hearing about how much they would thicken up over time. One year later and they've thickened up a bit but not too much. After combining several baby dreads and adding two more rows, I now have 5 rows totaling 40 dreads. I'm considering one more row of 8 but I'm going to sit tight for a while and see how things progress....

8/21/13 - Three rows, 32 total

8/22/13 - Hair down and dreads pulled over my shoulders

8/26/13 - 5 days, after first wash

9/6/13 - 2 weeks, first loops

9/23/13 - 5 weeks, more loops

9/24/13 - 5 weeks

*Sometime between two and three months I added a fourth row and combined several super tiny ones for a total of 36 dreads.

12/8/13 - 3 months, a friend's snapchat

12/11/13 - 3&1/2 months, ponytail using my dreads as a hair tie

12/11/13 - 3&1/2 months, getting thicker

12/11/13 - 3&1/2 months, more loopies

1/28/14 - 5 months, hair up in a bun with dreads down

5/26/14 - 9 months, I added one more row and combined a couple more, 40 dreads total. I also cleaned them up a bit. I had so many loose hairs that were wreaking havoc on everyone and trying to combine themselves at the roots. Hopefully I won't have to do that again for a long time.

7/28/14 - 11 months, dreads wrapped around a bun

8/21/14 - One year! As of right now I have 5 rows and 40 total dreads.

As you can see I still have quite a lot of free flowing hair. I'm considering doing one more row of 8 for a total of 48. I want to get my hair cut first though (not the dreads). I haven't had the rest of my hair of my hair cut in over a year so I'm way overdue. I want to keep it fairly long but do something that will accentuate the dreads. Not sure what that would be... Any suggestions?

Don't mind the maternity jeans... I'm eight months pregnant. :)

Thanks for checking out my timeline! I'll be sure to update after my haircut.

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