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By: kaylachan
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Hmm..where to start.. Oh! Well first id like to say all suggestions and advice would be much appreciated :) ive got me one babeh dread to see how my mane handles zis lil journey before I move on to zeh whole shabang! I deed TnR and am more than excited to witness nature take it from here<3 meh lil buddie is about 5 days old, still in place nice n tight.. Some loose spots and loopdeees every now and then but they arrange themselves back to tight loose tight loose ya know workin its magic, its really a splendid thing to see :3Well, I started with about two inches of loose hair on both my roots and tips and within these days ive been left with no more than an inch on each end, progressing well I believe :) ive got quite a few frizzies but eventually these hairs will find a comfy place to call home:D im really pleased with how this is turning out and I absolutely cannot wait to get the rest of em done!But before I dooo zis i have a couple questions on what I caaaan do to keep them at their best health as they move along into adulthood :> (i do not want to give them any maintenance or speed up/slow down the process) because all im doing is TnR to build their lil foundations and let the rest be :)Wotay!Numero uno: what kinda mixtures do ya reckon would make the best wash for dees lil babies?Numero dos: is it better to sleep with my hair up to prevent as much frizzies and what not as possible? Or down?I wont be wearing my hair any other time and no rubberbands for me, I want to stay away from any kindsa stress or alterations. Im not too worried about any unraveling as zis one seems to be pretty put :)Any other suggestions are welcome! Thank you all and I hope your days and dreads stay beautiful
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/05/12 07:24:06PM @soaring-eagle:

if u tnr in a few monrgs you wull wish yiu went natural so why nit start that way now seperation gives u control over size

and id always use tetree cause it double duties and prevents bugs

08/05/12 07:00:30PM @knotlady:

well there really isnt too too much control you can/should have over the locking process. like i said, tnr fall out but just be open to it and enjoy it! the natural locks are my favorite! loops and bumps and funny looks from people! i use patchouli, rosewood, eucalyptus, sandalwood. sometimes all at the same time sometimes separate. lavander and rosemary are good ive heard for dandruff and whatnot. ACV is apple cider vinegar. it balanced the ph level of your hair after you wash with baking soda. i use lavender and chamomile tea with the rinses sometimes too.

08/05/12 06:54:45PM @kaylachan:
Yes I cant wait to get some beads! I love the wooden :)

08/05/12 06:53:12PM @kaylachan:
Knotlady: thanks for lettin me know :) im very knew to all of this! do you use any oils? And if so, which ones would you recommend?

08/05/12 06:51:28PM @kaylachan:
soaring eagle: I used tnr cause the one thing I would like control over is the size of the lock and what not :) thank you for the advice.. may I ask what acv is though?

08/05/12 06:50:10PM @knotlady:

ooh and beads have helped. 75% or more of my tnr dreads fell out but luckily it had helped them lock up at the roots on some sections. i find the sections and put beads on them to help them lock up. then when the bead gets too tight on the dread i get another one and adjust them and switch them out. thats also kinda fun to do.

08/05/12 06:47:23PM @knotlady:

dont forget to separate too! also, check for a thread on essential oils to use in the wash. those are refreshing and smell nice. i also use herbal teas instead of plain water in the wash. the ritual preparation of the wash is nice and relaxing.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/05/12 06:35:49PM @soaring-eagle:

if its dreading so good in dayswhy tnr at all let the rest dread natueallyI guess u mean baking soda 1/2 cup bs 5 cuops water

after 10 min rinse then a capful of acv in 5 scups ..rinse uimediately

definately leave them down to sleep but flipped up our fron[m under u

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