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kayla weeks


Location: Ocala, FL
Zipcode: 34472
Country: US


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happy birthday! c:

By kayla weeks, 2011-10-26

Tommarow my dreads are two weeks old! :) so happy even for the little progress the have made, the are curling and looping which i love because they all have a different look :) oh and good new the top layer is getting nappy and knotty and im so happy because there starting to section themselfs. Well i have school tommarow and this is a special little thing for me and ofcourse i feel like a dork but im wearing a little dress and im maybe going to add some beeds for color and im actually going to spend some time on my make up. happy 2 week babies :). aha..

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Some looks going on about my hair.

By kayla weeks, 2011-10-25

All right so, I am still in highschool and I have gotten SOOOO many questions on my dreads. Since they are about 2 weeks old almost they are really starting to form. which is great! But alot of people especially girls at my school ask me the same question over and over again.."ew,do you wash your hair?!" -___- this is getting frustrating, especially explaining that its good to wash your dreads and hair needs to be clean to properly dread. I have pretty much just started not worrying about this, but whats really getting under my skin is the really do i say "preppy?" girls at my school trying to say that i am unclean and what not, im letting it go, though be accused of being "dirty" is not much fun.

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Some dread advice and what i did

By kayla weeks, 2011-10-23

So hello, I am new and i just have a few questions and such, to get started my dreads are now a week and 4 days old the majority of them anyway, and i was just wondering if it was okay for them to be getting a little loose? and if its not how can i tighten them without using a crochet hook, or if they will just naturally do the tightening, also i did not section my dreads i just went all out and random with them, but they seem to be doing okay. What i did and what i am planning to do is first to start them i did the twist and rip and added some rubber bands and i have decided to let them take over from there on, the only thing i do really is wash them and spray some sea salt water on them, do you think thats good enough? I dont pom roll them because i kind of want them to get a little loopy and crazy, can this affect my dreads negitivly? and last but not least i have alot of layers and have decided only to do the long layers witch give me 15 dreads in all, the person that cut my hair chopped it all off so now i only have a little long hairs but i have been debating weather or not to do the top layer because im scared of them sticking out really horribly does anyone have any advice? thank you -kayla

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