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No longer my dread journal.....

user image 2010-09-11
By: Kayla Marae Neumann
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well as some of you may know i started dreading my hair the other night and i was so excited and when i looked in the mirror i truly felt that i had found myself and i loved my hair so much but after having them for only 2 school days that i was ready to take them out and grow my hair out for awhile until i began my dreading journey i feel so bad but ehh i guess ill get over it. so now im back to normal hair that i have to fix everyday and i hate it so if anyone knows of anything i can do to speed up the process of my hair growing please let me know because i would be very interested...
Lacie Blaze
09/13/10 09:25:08AM @lacie-blaze:
Prenatal vitamins will help your hair and nails grow faster than the norm... but thats the best thing I can think of. And, its not like twice as fast or anything... it just speeds it up a little.

09/12/10 06:43:44PM @naturalwomyn:
dreads started from short hair actually gain length much faster in the beginning. The longer your hair is the more it generally shrinks up before it has to grow. You really just need to be patient no matter what. I suppose learning patience while waiting for your hair to grow might be good practice for you. :o) Many Blessings

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/12/10 06:00:06PM @soaring-eagle:

Mia Elizabeth
09/12/10 05:53:06PM @mia-elizabeth:
Thats cool. yeah my hair is pretty long & u dont think i'd want to have started the dreading process with shorter hair. Im Mia btw. Nice to meet you! :)

Kayla Marae Neumann
09/12/10 05:50:42PM @kayla-marae-neumann:
i combed them out because i want my hair to be loner before i start them i think they would look much better

Mia Elizabeth
09/12/10 01:39:07PM @mia-elizabeth:
That sucks. Why did u decide to comb them out?

meg ☮
09/12/10 12:04:47PM @meg:
You can't really speed up hair growing as far as I know, but you can take good care of it, and by getting proper nuttition, you give your hair the best chance it has. Google the long hair community, it's a forum dedicated to those with or who are growing their hair long. There are a lot of amazing people there.And who knows, you may come back to locks one day :) Can you really pinpoint the reason you combed them out?

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