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Kayla Marae Neumann


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my dread journal

user image 2010-09-09
By: Kayla Marae Neumann
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so today was my first day with my dreads. i love them so so much. well ill tell you a little about myself that isnt posted on my profile. i goto this school in a reallly tiny town and i seem to fit ion with noone here but im cool with that. pretty much everyone at this school is a redneck not even kidding it kinda sucks actually they really get on my nerves. so im the only girl at my school well not really just the only girl im the only person with any piercings. i have my septum, spider bites, tounge, nose, navel,eyebrow and my ears are gauged (7/8). i also have two tattoos one is my name on my arm.....yes my name i was 13 so i was pretty ignorant i guess the other is a corsete piece in my back will post pictures soon. well this is all for now if you would like to know anything else im more than happy to share. oh and i love this site its pretty awsome.
09/11/10 10:44:10AM @becca:
i couldn't empathize with you more. i went to high school in a very small town with the same kind of people and was heavily pierced & stretched ears myself at the time. of course, especially in a small town you tend to be the only modified person at your school so you deal with a lot of people picking apart your physical appearance and the non-stop staring. it's extremely tough to not conform in such a small town so it's great you're able to be okay with it no matter what and be you, as was i, and you definitely will be glad you stuck to your unique modifications after senior year is over. glad you joined the site. you & your child are beautiful. love, becca.

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