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Kayla Jensen


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Dreadlock Adventure

user image 2012-07-12
By: Kayla Jensen
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I've wanted dreads since I was 14 but had so many people in my way telling me not to do them, not to mention the area I lived in was VERYjudgmental and if anyone had dreads in this town they would be looked at indisgustmore often then not. Its been a few years im now 19 and moved out of my parents house I realized one day while i was putting a few hair wraps in that if I wanted dreads theres no better time in my life to get them started then now! So I took my brush and back combed a few dreads into my hair

At this point I had a total of 10 dreads. This lasted me almost a month then I realized the way Iseparatedmy hair when I was dreading it was completelyawfuland I also was getting really fed up maintaining half my hair one way the the other half a completely different way so I decided to brush them and restart byseparatingmy hair properly and doing my whole head this time.

its been 5 days with the new dreads and I love them. except they are getting messy with little hairs sticking out what not but I can accept it because I know in the end they are going to be totally kick ass and Im going to love them! Cant wait for my dreadlock adventures! I wanted to keep it on a blog so I can have something to look back on and see my hairs progress as time goes on :)

07/14/12 12:36:45AM @valrie:

Look good so far! I did the TnR method and let them go on their own for 3 month now. I have done other methods in the past and this is definitely the best.

Good luck!

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