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dreadlocks shampoo
Katie Rose


Location: Fayetteville, NY
Zipcode: 13066
Country: US


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Heading to class
Music Coma
If you're dready and you know it clap your hands!
Good Morning world!
Hairstyles on hairstyles
And finally, the back
8 weeks of knotty beauty :)
Another beautiful day to paint :)
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melanie rose
02/21/13 09:44:52PM @melanie-rose:
Wow, another Northerner! And a fellow rose. you should be my fellow dreadhead festie partnah this summer ;]Mountain jam is coming up!!How far along are your babies?

melanie rose
02/20/13 05:33:24AM @melanie-rose:
Hello fellow new yorker.. I'm from plattsburgh. Where's your town located?

Jackie C.
05/30/12 12:20:47PM @jackie-c:

love your artwork! how's the dread journey going?

05/23/12 05:17:11PM @emily:

Thanks :) you've got some rad locks yourself :P

04/27/12 05:32:07AM @jess2:

No worries man :) you are so beautiful by the way! love n light

04/26/12 12:37:16PM @foxpaw:

Thank you for such a nice comment, you helped put me in good mood :D

Have yourself a fantastic day!!

Timmy Kehoe
03/20/12 02:21:30PM @timmy-kehoe:
Thanks for the add your locs are looking lovely, have a wonderific day :)

Jackie C.
03/12/12 01:23:18PM @jackie-c:

i just realized i had comments i wasn't looking at. i usually check this stuff on my phone and missed it. lol my journey so far has been very liberating, like a spiritual renewal. i've had a few moments of "omg! look at this mess!", but i'm for sure not going back. how is your journey going?

03/07/12 04:22:34PM @sweet:

03/02/12 11:25:02AM @jordan2:
Thank you best of luck to you too you dreads look great! :D

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