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twist and rip method

user image 2012-01-05
By: Katie Lyon
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I neglected my hair for about a month and then twist and ripped it so it's been about three months since I have started the dreading process. But about a week into the twist and rip method the dreads started to loosen and hairs started popping out ( i think it was my shorter layers coming undone) I haven't palm rolled or crochet my hair, I have always had healthy hair and I'd hate to destroy it from crocheting. Will they tighten up? I have been thinking about starting over and just neglecting them again since I have a job where it doesn't matter how crazy my hair gets now. Also i have heard different stories about washing hair. I haven't washed my hair probably more than 6 times because I noticed when I did the dreads would loosen up faster but when I do I use baking soda or sea salt. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/05/12 04:42:11PM @soaring-eagle:

wash thenm 1-3 tikmes a week

let them loosen up they have to to dread up irts all part of the procrsss

washing helps wash wash wash at least wewekly but every 2-3 days is way better

they are not very lold they loosen and get fuzzy b4 they even start to show signs of tightening

just let them dread

but keep them clean

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