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Cauliflower Curry

angela englund
08/12/09 04:29:57AM
Not quite a recipe but more of a guideline. I posted this to my blog but I've cleaned it up for posting here.1 head of cauliflower1 can tomato sauce1 can diced tomato (NOT the juices)Almost a whole package of curry chunk things (or curry of your choosing)Almost half a can of coconut milkSome parsleySome cilantroRice! (I used Niko Niko Calrose) (ended up with four cups being perfect)So I didn't use a full head of cauliflower for whatever reason. I suggest tossing all your ingredients together and then toss in a bit more cauliflower than you think you need because it will break down some during the cooking process.Be careful with the coconut milk. I added just a little bit too much and then added more curry to balance things out, then it was too salty/curry tasting, then I accidentally dumped in too much parsley and cilantro LOL.If you want a more curry taste, don't make my mistakes :)This ended up so incredibly delicious, especially as leftovers the next day. I cooked my cauliflower to not quite fall-apart soft. OMG. So delicious. The sauce came out so rich and creamy. Ohhh I was eating til it hurt...
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