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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Fort Collins, CO
Zipcode: 80524
Country: US


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do the twist :)
back at 3.5 months
another up-do
dread up-do
flowers in my hair
3 months
9 weeks
Split, Croatia
Split, Croatia


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/26/11 10:34:36PM @soaring-eagle:
good throw the hook away so your not tekmpted

rashonda torres
03/10/14 11:33:00AM @scuba:

hey i wanted to thank you , i came across you page hear on dredlocksite , and i remembered you from a video i saw on you tube about three years ago i think i sent you a message back then , witch in fact was a major factor in me going natural/neglect , just wanted to say thanks for your videos, im sure there are others out there that were inspired by your videos also , peace

10/31/12 07:29:53PM @amanda7:

Holy congo! Your hair is MAD cool! Plus rep for being in an advert for Irish whiskey!

09/10/11 11:07:42AM @chad-white:

big ups on the co-sign on the blog, some of these jokers on this site dont have a clue?

"Right on to the real, and death to the fakers"-a quote from "big Rube"

Jessica Summers
06/04/11 10:48:05PM @alice-lane:

When you get a chance(If you havn't already) check out the extended forums and register, please & thank you!

(Dead URL)>

Peace & love,


05/31/11 03:17:50PM @chad-white:
Brother Ras! Dude ur wicks are like the most wickedest Awesomeness, Have u herd of Murs, that kid has some congos fo sho' do doubt,

john q lucas
05/27/11 07:28:00PM @coty:

Thank you for the add.

Your dreads are fantastick!!! :-]

03/03/11 08:15:03AM @maggie-sheehan:
Hey brother, checked out you link for your website... AMAZING photos! Where are you from? peace

Ganon Fraser
11/02/10 09:53:28PM @adrian-pacheco:
Man your dreads are coming along HELLA nice bro, Your the only person i can find who is doing freeform, I am doin' the same and starting with loooooong hair will be interesting cause the 1 dread, small lil one, two months later, is now 1 big dread thats congoing agaaain with a group of hair lol i am wondering if itll be 1 big dread on my back by the time the rest of my hair dreads, but if thats what it wants that what it be' Peace and blessings brethrenare you going to do 100% freeform? No separation till you go home to jah

10/11/10 12:20:41AM @feedroh:
Steel pulse i was suppose to spell bro um hes had his dreads for ages now to first heard them in the 80s far he had one massive dread growin strait up now its gone long an goes down one end of his head round to the other side u im sure u seen them aye the band Steel Pulse. Anywae u got sum nice dreadies mauri ora ma african frend.

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