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Long Hair Blues

user image 2011-12-15
By: Katarina Marie
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I've been gone for a few days and there are some major changes to meh hair... I first tried not combing, how SE recommended.Then I did a few TNR dreads and finally I had to have my boyfriend brush out my hair that wasn't TNR so now all I have is 5 little babies that I wrapped some hemp to keep from getting lost in my hair. The natural way is not for me, I have lots and lots of thin hairs that are very long and clingy. I had one HUGE beaver tail going on in the back it was bad. I couldn't separate and it was just a big matted rats nest mess. I know I want my dreads to stay arelativelysmall size because I have a small head. So for now I am just going to keep those few babies with the hemp wraps and carry on. I'm not too sure what I am going to do with the rest of my hair but it is still a pain to brush and I hate it but I think I am just going to braid my hair like every night so its not too bad to brush. CRAP I Might try to TNR here and there every now and again....IDK any suggestions??
12/16/11 09:24:39PM @elkeinalaska:
Why don't you tnr all of it?

Katarina Marie
12/15/11 07:55:30PM @katarina-marie:
I do not want a beaver tail that's what I was getting. It was massive and would eventually become painful from all the hair it was comsuming.

Castaway J
12/15/11 07:37:37PM @castaway-j:

why are you undoing everything? your not making sense lol

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