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Don't tell me what to do!!

By: Katarina Marie
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Lets start off with this comment.(I need to vent a little haha) Some dude with dreads he says to me ''If you are white and plan on neglect there will be no washing your hair if you want dreads.''

NOT wash my hair?!?! Ya buddy you clearly know what you are talking about! and he also said '' Either backcomb and perm or crochet if you're white...that's my experience.''

I am having my own experience. Thank you very much :)

I guess the most popular method is crochet and I hear 'if you plan on dreading your hair why does it matter if its damaged?' I want my dreads to last a long time and it seems like a lot of people on this site have done the crochet andbackcombingand all that painstaking fuss and end up starting over the natural way. The point in me deciding to start my dreads is because I am sick of fussing with my hair! I did try a few twist and rips in my hair to see how they go but I think I am going to just stick with the natural way. I have been still filtering through the forums and what not and have been looking at others time lines. I have sent a few friend request to some purdy dreadygirls, maybe make some new friends on the webz :)

As I am typing one of my TNR newborns keeps rubbing on my hand... aww babie dready I already love you!


Now this is a burn worthy blog.


Lucas Tucas
12/12/11 11:00:58AM @lucas-tucas:

where i live crochet method is the popular,

and the other day when i tell to some people that i am going to the natural method they said only stupids things

and so i went to see a ska band very famous here and a lot of people have crochet "dreads", its very bad that a lot of people don't know the truth about dreadlocks

Trina Hughes
12/12/11 08:30:46AM @trina-hughes:
No I had this lady , that is losing her hair no less say to me " Ewww why would you do THAT to your hair "? I had to take a deep breath then I gave her a dirty look and said well when you have this much hair it takes a lot to style everyday and I wanted something nobody else has around here . Thanks for your judgments , I'll be sure to check in with you before I make any life choices from here on out ( big smile & a wink ) then walk away shaking my head .... Some people ??!!!

12/11/11 01:54:34PM @angella:

ITS BS IM WHITE BUT MY HAIR IS STRAIT IN SUM PLAcES AND WAVY TO CURLEY IN SUM ITS A MESS SO I USED TO JUST STRAITEN IT BUT IM 3 WEEKS IN AND MINE ARE DREADING SO FAST I DONT EVEN NEED TO SEPERATE THEM ANYMORE ITS WEIRD THERE R A COUPLE THAT HAVENT DREADED AT THE TOP OR AT THE VERY BOTTOM BUT AS sorry bout caps but as far as the hole middle it has dreaded just fine so i dont know what hes talking about and i do wash my hair i wash it once a week and scrub it good but with the baking soda water mix then apple cider viniger water rince that soaring eagle recomened on another post i think that even helps them dread faster im glad i was to broke to go to the salon they wanted 100 dollars an hour here and he said it would have takenat least 4 i like it this way its crazy unruly but its doing what it want and its more healthy for your hair. k im rambling <3

Katarina Marie
12/07/11 04:26:52AM @katarina-marie:

I have no idea where he got his dreadycation at. lol He is aRastafarian. IDK but I am not taking his advice.A perm is a def no way! I might try and crochet one of my dreads to see how it turns out. I am not completely turned away from the other methods. I am up for anything but wax, hair grows back.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/07/11 04:16:10AM @soaring-eagle:

wow it amazwes me how ppl who have dreads can be so clueless about dreads

u cant wash them? really?

u gotta perm?

letr me guess he was a loctician?

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