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Throwing out my hairbrush! a few questions first

user image 2011-12-05
By: Katarina Marie
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I am going to quit brushing my hair and see how it goes.When I don't brush my hair for say 2 days I get a ton of matting. I'm thinking that my hair is going to dread up rather quick even though it is pretty much poker straight. I'm guessing that I can justseparatethe hair so I don't get too large of a dread? Can I still throw my hair up in a pony tail holder? Can I wrap my hair in a pillow case at night? I need to find a bandanna, 100% cotton or some other material? I want to do this right because I am convinced I am not going back! I can just image in 50 years having awesome purple gray dreads.My boyfriend thinks I'm not serious but Oh I

I am also going to quit smoking them cancer sticks, I figure they make your hair smell pretty terrible and I am used to washing my hair close to everyday. I have sensitive skin and I am hoping the ACV and BS and some jojoba oil & rosemary isn't going to mess with my scalp. I was looking around for some ways to wash my hair in between the ACV wash. I am not trying to spend a whole lot on shampoo so I think I am going to order a maylee bar. Tea Tree and Orange...yummy. It says the soap wont dry skin so I am hoping for a happy healthy scalp. I am using Tea tree shampoo and conditioner now and it is giving medandruff, my hair is getting rather long and I hate brushing out knots everyday! My scalp gets sore from all the tugging and pulling and I have had enough of this brushing thing years ago!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/05/11 06:57:05PM @soaring-eagle:

yea u should seperate often if it dreads that fast

and google natra bio smokers withdrawal relief it will make quitting easy

if u have hard water maylees might not work for ya

why wear a pillowcase? leave em be

u can put in a ponty but it wull..slow progress and encourage congoing so u will have to seperate even more

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