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Katarina Marie


Location: Stanton, MI
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What the flap

By Katarina Marie, 2012-03-02

I was doing a little research on why my baby dreads are flat and I found out that it is called flapping and that I should palm roll them twice a week but really I DON'T feel like it! hah! Be FREE baby dreads!

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By Katarina Marie, 2012-02-13

It has been three months or maybe 4, I have lost track to be honest lol. My baby dreads are forming at lightning speed and over one night I notice my loose ends have almost completely been eaten by my babies! They are hungry!! nomnomnom!! I have noticed that even though I am brushing my loose hair every other day that my loose hairs are wanting to form more dreads! I'm thinking I am gonna add a new dread to my head every now and then until I feel like it! ;p I havent used the baking soda wash and I'm not sure if I will. I have been using paul mitchells tea tree shampoo (washing every 2-3 days)and occasionally using the conditioner when my scalp is dry and so far so good! I try to only suds up my scalp and let gravity do the rest. I have also been using a palmade to keep em tamed when I go to see the family. I'm still just experimenting with them! The big thing that has been on my mind is that my boyfriend is about to be my fiance and that means I get to plan a wedding :DDDD and part of a wedding is getting your hair all curled up and what not and I can not make up my mind if I want to have a full head of dreads for it or if I should just keep a few like I have now. IDK its a pretty important decision and this is going to take some time to figure out! Well I'm out


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Long Hair Blues

By Katarina Marie, 2011-12-15

I've been gone for a few days and there are some major changes to meh hair... I first tried not combing, how SE recommended.Then I did a few TNR dreads and finally I had to have my boyfriend brush out my hair that wasn't TNR so now all I have is 5 little babies that I wrapped some hemp to keep from getting lost in my hair. The natural way is not for me, I have lots and lots of thin hairs that are very long and clingy. I had one HUGE beaver tail going on in the back it was bad. I couldn't separate and it was just a big matted rats nest mess. I know I want my dreads to stay arelativelysmall size because I have a small head. So for now I am just going to keep those few babies with the hemp wraps and carry on. I'm not too sure what I am going to do with the rest of my hair but it is still a pain to brush and I hate it but I think I am just going to braid my hair like every night so its not too bad to brush. CRAP I Might try to TNR here and there every now and again....IDK any suggestions??

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Don't tell me what to do!!

By Katarina Marie, 2011-12-07

Lets start off with this comment.(I need to vent a little haha) Some dude with dreads he says to me ''If you are white and plan on neglect there will be no washing your hair if you want dreads.''

NOT wash my hair?!?! Ya buddy you clearly know what you are talking about! and he also said '' Either backcomb and perm or crochet if you're white...that's my experience.''

I am having my own experience. Thank you very much :)

I guess the most popular method is crochet and I hear 'if you plan on dreading your hair why does it matter if its damaged?' I want my dreads to last a long time and it seems like a lot of people on this site have done the crochet andbackcombingand all that painstaking fuss and end up starting over the natural way. The point in me deciding to start my dreads is because I am sick of fussing with my hair! I did try a few twist and rips in my hair to see how they go but I think I am going to just stick with the natural way. I have been still filtering through the forums and what not and have been looking at others time lines. I have sent a few friend request to some purdy dreadygirls, maybe make some new friends on the webz :)

As I am typing one of my TNR newborns keeps rubbing on my hand... aww babie dready I already love you!


Now this is a burn worthy blog.


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Throwing out my hairbrush! a few questions first

By Katarina Marie, 2011-12-05

I am going to quit brushing my hair and see how it goes.When I don't brush my hair for say 2 days I get a ton of matting. I'm thinking that my hair is going to dread up rather quick even though it is pretty much poker straight. I'm guessing that I can justseparatethe hair so I don't get too large of a dread? Can I still throw my hair up in a pony tail holder? Can I wrap my hair in a pillow case at night? I need to find a bandanna, 100% cotton or some other material? I want to do this right because I am convinced I am not going back! I can just image in 50 years having awesome purple gray dreads.My boyfriend thinks I'm not serious but Oh I

I am also going to quit smoking them cancer sticks, I figure they make your hair smell pretty terrible and I am used to washing my hair close to everyday. I have sensitive skin and I am hoping the ACV and BS and some jojoba oil & rosemary isn't going to mess with my scalp. I was looking around for some ways to wash my hair in between the ACV wash. I am not trying to spend a whole lot on shampoo so I think I am going to order a maylee bar. Tea Tree and Orange...yummy. It says the soap wont dry skin so I am hoping for a happy healthy scalp. I am using Tea tree shampoo and conditioner now and it is giving medandruff, my hair is getting rather long and I hate brushing out knots everyday! My scalp gets sore from all the tugging and pulling and I have had enough of this brushing thing years ago!!

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To dread or not to dread.

By Katarina Marie, 2011-12-05

I'm not sure how this site works yet. I've been trolling here for many months now without a profile just researching and checking out other peoples experiences with their dreads.I have finally decided I am going to dread, thinking the TNR method might be best for me. I don't usually blog cause I always feel as if I am just talking to myself, that very well could be what I am going to do here in this blog, So anywaysI made a profile on dis here site so I could socialize with other dread heads and all that good jazz. Lets see how that goes.

~the lone stoner~

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