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Kat Richtman


Location: Keokuk, IA
Zipcode: 52632
Country: US


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I've been a slacker!

By Kat Richtman, 2014-07-25

I was doing really well tracking my progress, then life came up! :P
Things have been going wonderful here, but very busy! Trying to spend a lot of time outdoors and enjoy the weather before it changes! :D
Today marks the 52nd day of not brushing for me! :D
Lots of little knotty things happening underneath my hair! I don't really do anything to my hair, no palm rolling, I don't even section my hair.
I do brush my bangs, but only because I have to be able to get my hair out of my face by pinning them back and braiding them etc. The rest of my hair is free to do whatever. I may let my bangs dread up after they are longer, but at this point I can't really even tuck them behind my ears. :P

Will try to get some pictures up today! I will also be trying to blog and post pictures more frequently again! I basically wanted to touch base with this community and let everyone know that I am still here and going strong! <3 Lots of love to everyone!

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By Kat Richtman, 2014-06-23

What a great way to kick off summer! Spent the solstice camping in the outdoors and playing in a creek! We took our kids camping for the first time of their little lives, overnight at a friend's family's farm! It was so wonderful. The best part was getting to share that experience with my children. They had such a blast, makes me excited to be able to do it again. Hopefully, very soon!

Hope everyone had a great solstice and is enjoying summer in their own special ways!

On a side note I have completed week 3 of not brushing! Off into week 4 now. Posted some new pics, but haven't been able to get pics of some of my hair that is underneath that has begun to knot up nicely. Will most definitely try to get some today or tomorrow!

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Week 1

By Kat Richtman, 2014-06-09

I've made it to the end of week one! I was planning on taking daily pictures, but life catches you up! :)
My kids and I have been having fun! Playing outside, visiting their grandparents, bbqs!
I'm just really happy, starting to feel like my old self! :P

I have been wearing my hair up a lot, but have been changing the style everyday to keep it from getting too much together all the time. Every night I sleep with it down. Hope this will help from keeping too much getting dreaded together, but I also figure I have a while before that's an issue.

So all of my conditioner has become dedicated to untangling doll hair! Works wonderfully and this way it doesn't go to waste! Yay!

Well, I just wanted to through up a quick little progress report and blog entry! I will try to post pictures later today!!

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Been a long time

By Kat Richtman, 2014-06-02

So, in the early summer of 2012 I had done t&r dreads. My hair was about to my chin and I thought I would be in for the long haul. Then I found this community and thought to myself that I had started my journey off on the wrong foot by going with twist and rip.

After having my dreads for 6 months, I made the decision to brush them out and look for a job. I got a job in April of 2013. I worked there for over a year until I made the decision to quit that job, because of health issues. No job is worth my health or my family's happiness!

Now I seem to have come full circle and I miss my dreads. This time I will be starting my journey off the way I need to. I have decided to go freeform/neglect this time. Figure I am going to properly track my journey this time around as well!!
So as of June 2nd, 2014, my journey begins!

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