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Approaching Week 3

user image 2011-09-19
By: Karrington <3
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Ok so, it has been almost 3 weeks since I officially started my dreads.. I'm super excited at the progress they have made! The fuzziness that I had mentioned in the other blog post has died down a bit and I think my hair is finally just going with the flow instead of fighting it. Which is a plus.. hmm what else, what else..... Oh yes, a few in the back are beginning to lock up more rapidly than before and that is super cool.. I'll keep you all posted with the progress.. One Love :)

Karrington <3
09/21/11 11:34:36AM @karrington-3:

I know right! And i love your hair, it is very beautiful. I really cannot wait to see all the changes that it will make (mine and yours) I too have never been more happy and comfortable with my hair until now either. Oh the EXCITEMENT!!!!

09/21/11 02:33:51AM @kathleen:
Hi! Thank you for the add : ) It is very exciting watching the progress, isn't it?! I have to say, since I started dreading my hair 42 days ago, this is the 1st time I have ever been happy about my hair in my life. Mine have made a big jump in the past week or so. Before that I hit a plateau for about a week and a half where it seemed like it just stopped changing. I went through a freak out mode, but got over it ; ) I look forward to watching your progress too. This ought to be fun!

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