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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/23/11 11:11:06PM @soaring-eagle:

click that for full size thats what the inside of wax dreads look like except you have the added problpem odf broken haiers

if u crochetted 10 years and waxed 10 years the wax might be the only thing holding your dreads together at this pint

ppl fall for crochet to avoid the evils of wax ..wich crochets even worse but to do both.. is bad ontop of bad

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/23/11 11:04:49PM @soaring-eagle:

heres why

wax wax prevents dreazding only glues hair together to look like dreads while preventing any actual dreading even after many years when u remove wax you find they were hardly dreaded at all it makles an efforrtless style require constat work to look dread like it traps dirt and water can cause mold it never washes out

crochetr breaks tons of hairs which then poip out needing more criochet rto pull them in which causes more harjm they get weaker and weaker and eventualy will break kinda amazed yours havent yet miost do by now they also hget stiff (both wax ab=nd crochert make them stiff cant yours stand straight up?) they are way too tight so 1/3 rthe thickness of as healthy dread squeezwe 1 cant u feel the broken hairs grinding? they require constant repair forever.. why stop now? why not stop years ago? the very fact that u never stopped is why you should stop now you had to keep doing it year after year because u did it.. you turned the loweszt maintenance style into the highest maintenance 1 meanwhile causing the problems yiour trying to fix

evebtualy they will rot or break i said irs amazing they havent already almost none last that long your beating the odds but risking your dreads

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/23/11 10:50:53PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome um 10 years and u used both wazx and crochet?

why would u do that? arent u aware how bad both are?

well glad your here id really recomend u do agressive wax removal and join the crochet recovery group

jessica rainbow
12/28/11 07:49:28PM @storm730:

why thank you! yes they're felted. im currently working on felted headbands too. they'll be on my etsy if you wanna see pictures later.

dawit morales
10/10/11 12:34:54AM @isaac-b:

Hello nice to connect! Yeah I don't have a problem with that sister.. I would love to see it when you are finished. =)

mike e
10/04/11 02:31:00PM @ben:

I remember attending a small highland festival in Inverness...a lot of bridges and no hot tea, hahaha! Hey I was 13 and my mom really wanted that cup of tea with our sandwiches']

mike e
09/27/11 07:33:27AM @ben:

Hi Jenni! Saw Lauren's post to you and had to look at your little dog, hehe. I had my 13th birthday in Oban way back in 1973, lol. God Bless your journey...Nancy

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08/04/11 11:41:43PM @labrooq:

wt position did u play in ur rugby team?drink more milk for stronger bones sis!

Danielle Cacioppo
05/14/11 09:15:37AM @jesse-rose:
I always used just baking soda no oils, no acv, that plus swimming in the ocean really helped my hair tangle up fast! I really like dr. bronners tea tree. If your scalp is getting too dry from the baking soda try (if u haven't already) putting some very diluted acv in a squirt bottle and only squirt it onto your scalp so it doesn't soften your hair too much. I would probably ease up on the oils too if your progress has been a lil slow. Good Luck! Much Love

Animal Amy
05/13/11 04:47:19PM @bethany-colvin:
thank you! think it helps im a dreadhead, i see no benefits in negativity, all it does is make things more difficult/worse :) i am healing incredibly quick apparently and im hopefully getting my leg next week! cant wait to get back on my bike too haha yea saw your picture of the knots on the back of your head, very well done for being determined enough to keep going with the neglect method for so long, major respect! aw nice, ive just ordered more beads, i had quite a few, and in usual dreadhead way each one meant something, but they were taken out for my scans after the accident and i never got them back! gutted haha but the ones ive ordered are nicer, ill get some pictures up when i get them all in. ah nice, i cant wait to get back to the highlands, cities are horrible haha yea the course is amazing and i cant wait to get back to that either and all the outdoor sports, its a brilliant life! x

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