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I Guess I'm "One Of Those" Hippies.

02/13/13 07:24:48PM

A few days ago I was sitting at the table with my mother when she saw my legs. Let me tell you about them first. The hair is not even that long right now. Its less than 1/2 inch. (Though I've had it much longer before.) Upon seeing then she proceeded to tell me how I need to shave them and I replied back saying that I shouldn't have too. I mean, why bother? It's a waste of time, it only grows back, and, lets be honest, I'm kinda lazy about that stuff. :) My mom looked at me with disdain and said, "Oh my God, your not becoming one of those hippies, are you?" and went on about how "thats just gross" and blah blah blahh. Bitch bitch bitch. It was bad enough that yesterdayat the doctors officeshe said my hair was "looking nasty". (Which it totally isn't. Its clean, beautiful, and my locs are looping up like crazy <3) . . .But I said nothing.

I'll be honest, a few years ago I saw a [now] fellow hairy lady and did nothing but stare when she wasn't looking. I didn't say anything crude or give her looks, I just thought too myself. But I've grown up. I try my hardest to be non judgmental, respectful, and at peace with everyone/thing.

. . .My moms comment kinda hurt my feelings, just the way she said it man..So my point in this whole thing is; how do you lovely ladies, and men, deal with the judgement? With the social pressure that we are 'suppose' to shave and be all 'silky smooth'? Strangers judging me doesn't really bother me, but when its someone who you want nothing but love and respect from.. what do you do?

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