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The pressure of society.

Casey Smith
08/09/11 03:23:00PM
I keep trying to go without shaving; I always fold into the pressures of society though. I live about an hour outside of Hollywood, and we all know what their idea of beauty is. Where I live, having dreads as a white girl is bad enough. I can't go places without hearing things about how my hair is nasty and unclean and I hate how nobody understands their beauty. The most I've gone without shaving is 2 months. When I finally showed my friends why I was staying covered up through the California summer, they were definitely grossed out and that brought down my self esteem. If these girls who I trust with my life are grossed out, what would strangers think. I think that being a part of this group will help build my self esteem and we can change the world and let them see, hairy is beautiful <3
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