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dreadlocks shampoo


Brandy :]
04/11/11 09:48:14AM
Hello everyone! this is such a great group and i saw there were no discussions started so thought id be the first :] Mine is more of a success story, but my parents were just like all of yours, disapproving, judgmental, and not very happy with the whole decision to say the It all began when i first asked my mom.."do we have tea tree oil?" she then asked what for, and why my brush was in the garbage can? I simply smiled and explained to her i was dreading my hair and that was that. well then for the next couple weeks she started to harass me, "you will never get a job now" , "your hair was beautiful, now it will be ruined", "your hair will smell like ass", "you already have holes in your ears, wanna look like a circus freak?", "cant you do something else to express your spirituality?" She even told my grandmother who was ready to bribe me with cash to never do this to my hair. of course i said no, but thank you. I decided enough was enough, i sat down my mama and explained to her the myths, facts, and my reason for dreading, and that by her judging and making snide remarks as i pass her room is very much hurting my self-esteem (cuz i can take the criticism from other people, but not my own mother, my best friend) and will put a strain in our relationship. i even showed her some pictures of very beautiful dreads on women and business people, she looked defeated and left the room with a bratty "hmph!" That night when her and my stepfather got back from dinner, she walked into my room, hopped on my bed and said happily "if this is what you wish to do with your hair and it will make you happy then im okay with that, and i will tell grandma im approving. I would never want you to feel bad or hurt our relationship" I was so grateful. just being sincere and adult about the issue helped SO much, maybe you all could try telling your parents how you truly feel about the dreads and how they are making you feel, maybe you already have. does anyone else have parents that are warming up to the idea or are even completely OK with dreading now? please, do tell :)
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