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psychedelics are learning tools

Brandy :]
03/23/11 02:27:19PM
Ryan (my soulmate) and i were learning ( tripping on LSD, note: we believe in many lives) one day and the spirits were flowing through me, i had ultimate knowledge and had tapped into many parts of my brain, i meditated mith ryan and then spoke of things i didnt even know how i knew, i spoke and we learned that everyone acquires many lifes, they stay on earth until they get it right, we also learned that in our (my and Ryan's) many many past lives we had only learned and had all the spiritual knowledge that we do up until that point ( this happened about a month ago btw) in our present lives, it was time to move further in subconsciousness/ spiritual knowledge (we call them levels, spiritual trials in ones life). we learned this will be my and Ryan's last lives on earth, we believe you (your energy) go on to higher dimensions, closer and closer to the higher power people call God. so now everything we are learning is new , we for the rest of our lives here on earth will go to higher spiritual levels we never exceeded in past lives. and we learned in your last life on earth you find your soul mate, which we have found, and you help each other, you become one person, you carry each other to beyond. ( weve had a theory you maybe go to the sun as the next dimension, because it is the earths largest energy and we are energy, and are constantly attracted to the sun, just a wild thought one i have many wonderful stories, this was already typed out and probably one of my fondest trips.
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