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Body Art

10/09/09 01:48:04PM
I don't mean to offend but I must say that I really do not agree with peircings and tattoos. It is pretty severe to your body. I mean people just think they are poking a little whole, but your body is forever trying to heal that hole and using many of your healing resources in vane. Just think about it. You can have a hole for years and years but as soon as you take out the metal, the hole will close (and breathe a sigh of relief). As KJ pointed out with shaving you are destroying tissues that you cannot see and it is easy to ignore for most people.Tattoos are just beyond my comprehension. You are injecting ink into your body. That ink goes into your blood and adversely effects your body.But anyway here comes the point lol,I think that people do these things to create art on theselves and to stand out, be individuals. I understand that urge, but I really think that if we were not so obsessed with grooming and shaving we would not resort to these harmful adornments. If we all let our hair and beards and body hair grow out and be as it will be, we will all become so much more visually unique.Nature gives us all body art that has a use as well as gives us our unique beauty. I think everyone still intuitevely wants to express their uniqueness but they cant wrap their heads around allowing nature to do it for them.Like I said I dont have a problem with people who have peircings or tattoos at all. I just think its harmful to your body and we can achieve some of those desires naturally if we allow it.
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