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My experience as god :D

12/17/10 07:06:42PM
Well the other day I went out of town to a herbal shop and I purchased 3gs of wild dagga and 5g of kratom neither of which I have any prior experience. On the way home (its about an hour and a half drive) me and my buddy decided to smoke some dagga. He rolled a regular size joint of the stuff. It taste rather meaty kinda like mushrooms but is a pleasant smoke none the less but with little affect. So immediately after (we both had a slight buzz) we decided to roll a blunt of the dagga and kratom mixed. It was much harsher now but also much more relaxing. I felt as thought I had a nice little buzz going like if I had smoked some regs. Once we arrived back in town we had a little herb by then the affects had worn off or so I thought. :D Soon after my friend shows up and says hey you guys wanna do c's and trows a box in my lap. Me being well experienced with dxm said sure thing buddy. Little did I know this would be a revelation in my mind. So I ate a hole box like I always do and about 30 min later I started to feel the affects. At first this felt like a normal c trip with all the emotional ups and downs and the robot like movement but then it really hit me. I really dont know if I closed my eyes and they where cev's or oev's but I do know that I was no longer in this universe. I began to float and soon transcended into space. I was teleported to a new world where I had all power. There where many amazing colors and shapes. Then all of a sudden I came back .. but not quite back just back to this world slightly. lol. At that time I had the idea to roll my eyes and to my amazement it was like a on button for my third eye. At this time I decided to try and start controlling the orbs of matter. I raised my left hand and focussed and began to make them forum in the center of the room. I began to build my own planets amongst the universe. Directly behind where I was building my planet where ... what I can only dub as windows. Three of them and I could see into the other universes through them. The first was just full of atoms and such frantically floating around bumping and colliding with one another. The second appeared to be a long tunnel eventually leading to what I have yet to find out, and the third was simply black almost static like. On my right side where just small balls of bright light that just kept speeding past me as if they where transferring information to the windows. Now granted I am not new to any of these experiences but this is the first time I have felt compelled to draw one and also the first time to write about one. O and the first time I have felt as thought I had complete control over the world I was in and not just simply an observer of the gods realm. So am I alone in this godlike experience ?? Or have any of you seen what I have ?? I suppose it could be described as close to a dmt trip but I have never done any dmt. Thats just simply an assumption from what I have read about them. It definitely was no normal dxm trip that I have ever had. My friend who smoked the dagga and kratom with me also had the same type of experience except he was only observing the new world. Neither of us have seen such beauty before. It honestly changed him for the better or so he says. He is more peaceful now and less angry at the world I suppose we all need the keys to achieve our enlightenment. Also the other two of my friends who just had herbs and c's did not even have close to what we had. The described the night as any other c's trip.... sux for them I shoulda shared the dagga and kratom. lmfao :D well hope you guys enjoy reading this and hope to hear what yall think of my experience. Peace be with you all.
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