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DHP Diphenhydramine unmemorable night

Justin Gibson
09/06/10 09:02:41PM
this is my 3rd experience with diphenhydramine or benadryl.It started at about 8:30 my friends dean and Cameron are with me Cameron and i take 28 pill each 700mgs in all.about 45 min later i start to feel the effects come on felling heavy small twitches and black dot out of my peripherals.30 min later i dont remember much. haha one vague memory was that my friend dean or a hallucination of him kept poking me in the are and i was getting mad i kept telling him to stop f&%$@ with me but when i said the the hallucination was gone and only he sat there lookin confused at why i was yelling at him blackness i remember nothing and havnt got a good story from my friends who were there so i guess it was pretty calm and i was in space or something. next thing i remember is looking for my phone it was on his bed right beside me and he new i was looking for it but for his entertainment he sat and watched me look for 30 min when he asked if i was looking for my phone i said no i was looking for something else then said where is my phone i found it eventually then got my keys....yeah i know... dean gets up and tells me to give me my keys i explain to him for reasons unknown to me why i needed to go home so badly but when i spoke he would just look at me and ask what the hell i was saying i thought i was talking fine apparently not i think i take him down get my keys back and get in my truck but im not sure if this happened i start heading home. at 11:30 the drive seems relatively easy no hallucinations that i remember but then again i remember hardly any of them and doubt that any of them happened. i get on my road when i see my friend Cameron who disappeared until this point i ask him what he is doin he says he needs a ride home i telll him i dont have enough gas and he says ok ill walk im like ok cool ..he live 25 miles away lol so i forget about this conversation and park my truck when i get out i see Cameron in the bed of our other truck he says he is goign to head come in a bit im like ok and thing nothing of it. i get to my front door to unlock it but when i go to grap my door key i grab my truck key but no mmatter what key i get its my truck key this frustrates me badly so i go to the back do and same i cant get it open i start knocking on the door and eventually my steb dad opens the door i think this whole thing might have been a delusion i probably walked right in my front door no problem lol for some reason i go into my moms room and tell her why i came home she questions me a bit then askes if im ok? im like yeah but apparently i was saying completely absurd things to her she would ask a question and id say turn those valves off behing you? idk lol then i go into my room and lay down she comes in a few minutes later and asked what im on i immediately say who was that black guy i have no memory of any of the hallucinations blackness wake up feel like crap wondering why the hell im home... sorry for the long story
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