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dreadlocks shampoo
Vaughn Maurice Gaines II
08/30/10 11:25:40AM
Now let me begin by sayin I have never had any type of ayuhasca blend but I did take a large amount of passion flower this time period in my life and my diet was completly organic. Honestly I would never smoke DMT it dosent look right to me but I would ingest it orally. But DMT is created in the brain perhaps due to my clean body my pineal glad was strong enough to produce a burst of DMT. And I have also read that DMT is in more plants then it isnt and is destroyed by the stomach. When you On my 17th birthday my cousin John was drivin us to pittsburgh so we could go to an event. On our way there we smoked some mid quality cannabis and that was all meanwhile the sunroof was open so I looked up at the night sky with tremendous appreciation for the stars and creation I was completly amazed to realize the fact that stars are light years away and how far that would have to be, suddenly my soul and perception flew into space at about quarter the distance to mars from earth looking at how small of a spec as far as all that is. simultaneously i could still see in 2d my "normal" world looking at the sky. While in space I then had an expanding 360 spherical view of perception comforted and talked to in a language that was not english or audible by our creator and says you are a spec if u realize. I love you and all . We are never seperated. Make the best impression on earth to make it better for the bigger picture. then I rushed back in my body and I screamed at the SKY JAH JAH!!! hanging out the sky roof. I told my cousin what happened and then I asked how long it was since i looked up at the stars and he said only a couple of seconds ago like 30 seconds but i experienced it for much longer than that in my view it felt about 10 min.Read more: Experience - dreadlocks forums the best place for real dreadlocks no lies no products to buy just truth about healthy dreadsUnder Creative Commons License: Attribution
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