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no dreadlocks?

By: kalli budz
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i'm posting today because i have been going through an ongoing battle with my employers. when i was hired (with dreadlocks) i was told to tie my hair back in a bun, so i did. 8 months later, it is brought to attention by a member of human resources that it is stated in the handbook "NO DREADLOCKS, etc." since then ive had to wear a scarf on my head to hide my hair. now that isn't good enough and theyre having a meeting with my managers to fire me sometime this week because apparently it also isn't in the handbook that i'm able to wear the scarves.

not to mention the fact that both of my managers have told me how excellent i do at work and i've been promoted twice from entry level to lead supervisor within 9 months.

i just want some help from you guys as to what i should do. its getting to the point ofharassmentand i might lose my job because of it.

kalli budz
10/10/12 10:21:02PM @kalli-budz:

justin- im trying to find other jobs around town, and im not sure if vail was one of the places youve lived but it isnt the most dread friendly community in terms of hiring a person with them. i just feel like ive worked really hard for them and ive remained a very good employee and i guess i just dont feel like i deserve for them to question my 'eligibility' to do my job. hopefully another job will come through, luckily starbucks has given me the opportunity to meet people around town that have gotten to know me despite my hair.

coloursnrainbows- i havent heard anything from them yet. it's our off season so i havent been working at all anyway. i assume next time i go into work they'll let me know what's going to happen. thanks for following up, i appreciate the consideration :)

10/08/12 08:43:25PM @coloursnrainbows:
So what was the outcome!? :) if u don't mind me asking.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/02/12 08:10:07PM @soaring-eagle:

i think there may even be an app for that u can add to your apps page here and use

on your page click apps and see whats there

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/02/12 08:08:48PM @soaring-eagle:

you have facebook?

join causes thingy create a petition about this post it here and on facebook in dread groups etc get 10,000 signatures from people who are starbucks potential customers who believe its wrong to fire you over dreadlocks

kalli budz
10/02/12 07:53:12PM @kalli-budz:

yeah its true but the main reason i want to stay is because i get a free ski pass to 7 different mountains. i will not get rid of my dreads, i refuse, but they may fire me and i want to know all the ways i can help to not let that happen.

10/02/12 07:41:59PM @coloursnrainbows:
They shouldn't have hired you in the first place. If it violates their handbook. I have been there working for Dunkin donuts. They hired me with all my piercing and tattoos knowing that it goes against their rules. Low and behold I was the only one for awhile with these. And when others began being hired there it all of a sudden became a problem. And I wouldn't conform. I was like you people hired me like this why is that after a year of hard work do I now have to change. I'm sorry I'm not going to change for people who said it was Ohk and then turns out not to be and especially not for a minimum wage job. Now way. Never the less. They worked there butts off to get me fired in some kinda cockeyed BS situation. It was very low on their part. But I am onto bigger and better things now. I know have a job 7 years later that let's me be ME! Imagine that! And it's a hospital! Get this one. I work in a very sterile environment. Where every kinda of factor is controlled and yet I am still allowed to have my facial peircings and my tattoos and my ears stretched and best of all my baby dreads! You just gotta find what works for you. It may take time. But please don't loose your locks for a job at Starbucks. It's a coffee shop. seriously. Why do they need to take themselves so seriously. Go find a little coffee shop on the corner. They will accept you for who you are! Good luck with your journey!

kalli budz
10/02/12 07:31:49PM @kalli-budz:

thanks SE. the letter to employers is very helpful. i really appreciate it.

mons- yes ive seen the handbook and it says no radical hairstyles including but not excluded to mohawks, colors, dreadlocks.. i work at starbucks but its a licensed store by vail resorts. the dresscode rules are earrings cannot fall below the lobe, one necklace, one pair of earrings, one ring on each hand unless youre married (left can have two). it is so ridiculous and im so tired of working so hard to be treated so badly.

coloursnrainbows- i dont have a copy but i have seen it. also i work at a licensed starbucks by vail resorts.

i appreciate all your help so so much!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/02/12 07:23:47PM @soaring-eagle:

use the search underneath the banner on the left search the site with that 1 for letter to employer

theres a couple edit them and use them

tell them we would never have made it to the moon if polices kike that were legal since a man with dreadlocks was involved in the designing and building of the saturn rocket that madee it to the moon

a policy like that only holds them back from the best empoloyees

and firing those who descriminate would be a far better policy

10/02/12 07:10:52PM @mons:
Have you seen with your own eyes the employee handbook that states no dreadlocks? If it comes down to it you can say you have dreads for spiritual reasons then file a complaint yourself with hr about the harassment you've received. Let them know you've accommodated every request that's been made to you about your hair yet they keep changing the rules. It's pretty ridiculous that they hired you with dreads now expect you to get rid of them, which they can't. SE (who has probably already responded while I thought this out lol) has some excellent info on this subject.Where do you work? I work for a grocery store that's the last of the conservative die hards. No visible tattoos, only girls can have ear rings, no visible piercings (except ears of course) hair a professional/conservative color and style etc etc. every now and then they try to enforce it but it doesn't work out too well. At my store in particular there are several employs with tats on their hands, I have dreads and facial piercings and some of the guys conveniently forget to remove their ear rings.

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