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no dreadlocks?

By kalli budz, 2012-10-02

i'm posting today because i have been going through an ongoing battle with my employers. when i was hired (with dreadlocks) i was told to tie my hair back in a bun, so i did. 8 months later, it is brought to attention by a member of human resources that it is stated in the handbook "NO DREADLOCKS, etc." since then ive had to wear a scarf on my head to hide my hair. now that isn't good enough and theyre having a meeting with my managers to fire me sometime this week because apparently it also isn't in the handbook that i'm able to wear the scarves.

not to mention the fact that both of my managers have told me how excellent i do at work and i've been promoted twice from entry level to lead supervisor within 9 months.

i just want some help from you guys as to what i should do. its getting to the point ofharassmentand i might lose my job because of it.

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