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first blog...happy to be here

user image 2011-11-16
By: Kaitlynn Cassel
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Okay dreads are almost 3 weeks old, and i absolutely LOVE them. A few have come apart a little, but after reading what a lot of you say on here i trust that i don't have to worry. They'll fix themselves, by doing their own thing. There is only 1 section that i'm worried about, and that's a little area in the back that is a lot shorter than the rest of my hair from breakage before i dreaded it. I think i'm just gonna leave it alone and see if it dreads on its own, or at least let it grow out. But anyways I was just wondering if anybody had any little "secrets", advice, tips etc, that they would like to share. I researched a lot before i did them, and i'm very confident in them. But i'm always open for advice!!! It would be greatly appreciated! :)

Kaitlynn Cassel
11/16/11 02:16:21AM @kaitlynn-cassel:
okay thanks :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/16/11 02:12:24AM @soaring-eagle:

trick just let them do their thing

seperate as needed and thats about it

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