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dreadlocks shampoo
justin worm


Location: Douglasville, GA
Zipcode: 30134
Country: US


youtube videos: 7
images: 35
videos: 8

lil over two months!

streams: 8
video file: 27.1MB, 00:05:50

Sarah Smile
04/12/13 02:01:18PM @sarah-smile:

very cool! liking the hair as well as the audio! keep it up! :)

justin worm
04/11/13 11:57:20AM @justin-worm:


i think thats the biggest factor in my progress! is my length! its just Alot more to happen than shorter like more moving more energy.
but i dont know if it mattered but before i decided to let my hair freeform i never really used a brush. i just ran my hands through it to get out the Huge tangles and knots . so maybe i already had sections and i didnt even really pay attention . but! i move alot! and i promote as much energy i can into it. there almost dowsing tools ! hahaha ok well i cant give you a straight answer =]

Gemma Williams
04/10/13 11:32:33PM @gemma-williams:

hehe Alan Watts in background nice! how did you get them so mature so quick? I've just left my hair neglected for twice as long as that and mine are miles away from that mature, its amazing, and more amazing that you are only now going for the dreads considering how long your hair is :)

04/07/13 09:43:14PM @naturaldreads01:

Thank you for bring Alan Watts to my attention.. he really is great :D

04/07/13 12:07:07AM @amethyst777:

Cool! I'm at 5 months and mine are only very slightly more mature than yours and look verysimilar, except my hair is dark brown :) I have lots of crazy loops like yours. The main difference is that I'm at a point where I'm getting lots of shrinkage. Just be prepared for that. My hair was past the middle of my back and some dreads are now barely at my shoulders! I'm loving every minute of it, but If I didn't know to expect them to shrink, I'd be freaking out about it a little bit!
Loved the vid.. keep us updated! :)

justin worm
04/06/13 05:35:00PM @justin-worm:

my smashed old macbook. haha hear the clicking!

bc YOU are the total wave!

allen watts man! but its some album where they put a soundscape sound to help his voice vibrate

04/06/13 05:30:48PM @naturaldreads01:

your locks are looking great man. Where is the audio from? there are some points I couldn't quite hear and would love to listen to it all.

04/06/13 05:20:32PM @jazzymomma:
insane!!ly awesome justin! im jealous haha i see how ud be in luv wit dem hahah

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