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Julie K
Julie K


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user image 2019-03-30
By: JulieCat
Posted in: Dread growth

I'm writing this 2.5 years since I started dreading and for the first time I'm noticing growth of mature dreads! I want to post a timeline of my dreads from start to now, as I've taken photos of my hair every month for the first year, then every few months from then until now. Half a year ago, at the 2 year mark, was when I could say that all of my hair finally locked tightly. Comparing a photo from yesterday to then, I've finally noticed growth, and this is the milestone that many promising dreads are waiting for! It's a good day. :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/30/19 05:49:38PM @soaring-eagle:


now stick around and don't wait till they reach the ground to post again

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