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user image 2017-03-30
By: JulieCat
Posted in: Dread growth

Ah separation, how I took thee for granted when I first heard of you. Everything I read about natural dreadlocks said Separate, make sure you're separating those dreads that are growing together! Make sure they don't grow together at the roots! Pull them apart! So sure I kept separating them, pulling them apart all blissful and ignorant. Not until over 3 months in did I realize OH you don't just pull them apart, GO THROUGH THOSE THINGS AT THE ROOT HAIR. BY. HAIR. Make sure that they're separated at THE ROOT and not just the dread itself or you will end up with a giant hairball with some dreads sticking out of it (sounds cute right). Once I realized how vital this is, it took over an hour (s'okay it was good music time) to go through those suckers hair by hair and even a 15 minute break because it became so overwhelming to separate the last three (see image) and I was convinced that the back right side of my head was forever destined to have just one giant dread. Honestly now that I know this it's all good and my dreads are progressing better than ever, but WOW was it a fun time really separating them for the first time. It is easier after they've been washed, then the single hairs that you're separating have more elasticity and won't break.

05/10/17 08:47:52PM @daniel2:

  Good thing you realized after 3 months, compared to the year and a half in my case. I was like "oh yeah I forgot about separation!". Luckily for me my hair sectioned itself fairly well so when I did started separating I didn't have much trouble, but by then I did get a congo with around 4-6 dreads snuggled inside. Other then that monster, I have pretty small/regular(thin?) sized dreadlocks. 

   I do find myself constantly separating it, even when I'm not even thinking about it, if that makes sense lol It's just a habit now. Sometimes going 2-3 days DOES make a difference if I'm not on top of the separating game. 

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