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Day ONE! Dreadlock Rejuvenation

user image 2013-06-29
By: Julie Dunham
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So after some advice from a few users on the site I threw away my DreadHead HQ shampoo and got a Bucks County Soap Factory Tea Tree and Rosemary Shampoo Bar. I just used it for the first time and OMG IT SMELLED SO GOOD. They also sent me an even better smelling sample. You just felt the love in this soap. Very pleased with the purchase so far.

I also went out and got an aloe plant. I ran the gel through my hair after I showered. I'm wondering if anyone has a recipe for a better application. Awfully goopy and I don't have my own blender so I kind of just get it on my hands and run it through my hair. How do you use aloe?? How often do you use aloe.

Finally I went and got natural sea salt. I used two tablespoons and a squirt of lemon juice in a full spray bottle. I think I'll use it once a week.

I'm hoping this regime helps my dreads soften up a bit and get my hair healthy and happy. My next question is, how do I get rid of my part. My hair is separating and my part seems to have gotten much bigger. I also have a chunk of hair in the front that I call my "bang" theres a part forming there too. Any ideas?

Julie Dunham
06/30/13 07:48:20PM @julie-dunham:

thanks for reading and responding, much appreciated!

the Barrellady
06/30/13 07:23:18PM @the-barrellady:

here are some home recipes for you:

the Barrellady
06/30/13 12:49:03PM @the-barrellady:

Glad this site has helped you like it has many of us. It is the best place to ensure we grow healthy locks. The aloe plant is great to have around to tame the loose hairs when needed for a special occasion. Just cut off a piece, place it on plastic wrap and use a rolling pin to squeeze out the juice, any unused juice can be put in the fridge. Just put on your fingertips and apply to the dreads one at a time. Only needed for those special occasions.

DreadlockShampoo and Bucks are both owned by the same person/people and is the best dread stuff around, a very healthy choice indeed.

As for lemon juice, it is too acidic and slowly eats away at the inner core of the hair strands, Not good to use at all, it will only cause damage.

Sea salt is a dread accelerator for the beginning of a journey, it helps the hair lock faster. When sea salt is used, it must be rinsed out within 2 hours or it will dry out the hair, the opposite of what you want it to do, it is not a conditioner at all.

To condition the hair, you can do two things. One is an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse after each shampoo. 1-2 capsfuls of ACV to 5 cups water, pour over head and rinse out within one minute. The other thing is to use essential oils & or jojoba oil (which is the best). Just use the search bar on the top left and key in those words to read up on postings by soaring eagle about them and how to use them.

Hope this helps you out....peace

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