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clean dreads

user image 2010-12-17
By: Juice
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I've been looking through the forum and the majority say to use baking soda and acv. Do you guys just rinse with it or use it like shampoo and scrub your scalp? Is there a product i can buy that anyone recommends? I love shampoo and the way it makes my hair smell lol. Do scented products all leave residue? I have 6 dreads on the bottom layer of my hair and I've been using regular shampoo since my whole head isnt dreaded and it seems to be ok for now. but im sure when they get thick and lock up i'll have to use something different. Much love

meg ☮
12/18/10 09:03:30PM @meg:

if you're just looking for pretty scents, i'd say throw in a few essential oils that you think smell good. for example, i'm a fan of lavender, and citrusy scents like orange and lemon.

12/17/10 10:31:45PM @juice:

what kind of oils do you recommend?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/17/10 10:27:27PM @soaring-eagle:

it woeks way way better then shsmpoo without stripping your hair u dont scrub u pour it on and let it soak and if u add the oils your dreads smjell amazing

i stopped using soap completely cause baking soda works so much better

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