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Journe Domek


Location: Custer, SD
Zipcode: 57730
Country: US


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wyatt walker
12/25/12 08:34:33AM @wyatt-walker:

aww ur dreds r amazingly beautiful!! mine r just babies only4m now :)

stephanie moreno
11/14/12 02:55:01PM @stephanie-moreno:
Nice to meet you too! I have 3 babes as well - 4 mos to 7 yrs.

Jacob E. Fernando
03/01/12 12:06:31PM @ruca671:

well I have some loose hair and some of it join the other dreads and combine and some just stays in there but I don`t really do anything with my hair so I can`t help with that I guess :) thank u so much :D Im going to do a cheats-peace now so there will be more ink on me ;)

Jacob E. Fernando
02/28/12 05:42:46PM @ruca671:

thank u for the friend request :)

Jacob E. Fernando
02/28/12 05:41:36PM @ruca671:

thank u for the friend request :)

06/23/11 11:51:35AM @chad-white:
Greetings and salutations !!! Big ups all props and praises !!! much respect!

01/19/11 03:01:30AM @tim-trenholm:

01/10/11 07:11:36PM @zak:
and getting my compost together too!

01/10/11 07:11:20PM @zak:
Aww!! I hear yah!! I feel the same way!! My garden is going threw the same thing right now lol!!! cant wait to start gardening again!!

Sarah Carter
11/21/10 03:46:57AM @arrows-of-the-rainbow:

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