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dreadlocks shampoo
Journe Domek


Location: Custer, SD
Zipcode: 57730
Country: US


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kids, hemp hoe down, custer sign, dreads day 1 001 (69)
kids, hemp hoe down, custer sign, dreads day 1 001 (65)
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09/04/11 01:46:15PM @exalthimx7:

LOL So glad you had forwarding'] I bet Hawaii is beautiful!

08/31/11 01:25:09PM @exalthimx7:

WOW that took a long time! Glad you like them']

Nick Colasurdo
08/16/11 08:38:01PM @nick-colasurdo:

You have the most beautiful soul of anyone i know!

You better take care of yourself in hawaii, I CANNOT wait to join you there in nov in time for the gathering!

With great love&respect

---Your partner in crime---- :D

08/14/11 07:19:18AM @vinny2:

Unfortunately, I'm not going to school at the moment. But if you ever need anything let me know :)

08/12/11 06:58:55AM @vinny2:
Hey! Youre a UH student?

06/05/11 03:56:28AM @nabbatron:
can you go to human resources an tell them them if cant havr dread them the other person can either.they just dont like your neglect method.ask an you wear a tam or pull them back in a loose scrunchy or let it keep dreading an dont say any thing else bout you getting dreads just dont comb want have mature dreads for a while so to them if u pulll back or put them up they will think she just dont comb your hair but cant get fired for that!!i bet the other person with dreads was the typical saloon dreads.(keeping em controlled)i luv the way your your dreads foaming an hope you dont have to take them out but human resoures will get to the bottom of it if they dont lawsuit time fair is fair

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/31/11 01:01:52PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome! cant wait to see ya all dready :)

wyatt walker
12/25/12 08:34:33AM @wyatt-walker:

aww ur dreds r amazingly beautiful !! mine r just babies only4m now :)

stephanie moreno
11/14/12 02:55:01PM @stephanie-moreno:
Nice to meet you too! I have 3 babes as well - 4 mos to 7 yrs.

Jacob E. Fernando
03/01/12 12:06:31PM @ruca671:

well I have some loose hair and some of it join the other dreads and combine and some just stays in there but I don`t really do anything with my hair so I can`t help with that I guess :) thank u so much :D Im going to do a cheats-peace now so there will be more ink on me ;)

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