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02/27/14 10:09:40AM @interrstella:
I used 1 part raw honey, and 3 parts water. I eyeballed it using a small baby food jar because measuring honey can be a sticky mess, and used warm water (doesn't have to be hot but you want it warm enough to dissolve) and shook it up then hopped in the shower shake it up again before I used it and just poured it onto my roots and and just kind of massaged my scalp. Was surprised the first time I used it that I didn't feel like a walking honey stick but it t cleaned really well. This is before i was concerned with keeping my dreads clean I'm not sure if you'd still want to do a BS soak on the length of your hair from time to time :) hope I helped some.

Maycon Cesar Braga
01/02/14 09:30:57PM @maycon-cesar-braga:
Iai cara... Entao eu lavo com bicarbonato de sodio e vinagre de ma! Ab...

Baba Fats
12/29/13 09:34:53PM @baba-fats:

Ok, I don't know why I didn't look at your pics again. So you crocheted. i can see it already. The best bet would be to get some jojoba oil, and massage it into your locks. This will help loosen them up and make them easier to separate. If you try to separate them as they are, it will do serious harm. You need to get them looser first

Baba Fats
12/29/13 09:29:00PM @baba-fats:

That's really massive. Granted, I'd love to have a few that big. But that's me. I'm a sucker for fat locks.

If they are that big, you could easily make 4-6 out of just 1. How mature are they? I've got a few videos on my page that show how to separate locks. If you could send me a pic, I could help a little better. if they are mature down to the tip, it might be easier to start ripping from the root-down. if you can separate them at the tips, it'll be best to rip from the tip-up

Baba Fats
12/29/13 08:57:15PM @baba-fats:

16 will cause them to be REALLY fat. I have something like 23, and the fattest ones I have are pretty big. They need a lot of extra care to help them dry.

If they aren't old, you can to separate some of the biggest ones. If the section is bigger than 1 inch, it can be separated into 2 or even 3 smaller ones

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/29/13 12:50:30PM @soaring-eagle:


hopefully you only crochetted once to start..but even so its going to take 6 months to begin to dread right and over a year to lose the harsh crochetted look

Baba Fats
12/29/13 11:09:26AM @baba-fats:

Welcome. Starting with the crochet hook is not the most terrible thing in the world. It does severe damage, that won't be able to fix itself, and it will delay progress by, a minimum, of 6 months. But if you throw away the hook after that, you will be fine. Continuing to crochet is where most people make the biggest mistakes. There is absolutely no "safe" way to crochet locks. I know some videos and sites say otherwise, and that some places say they sell crochet hooks "designed" for locks. There is no crochet hook designed for locks. They are designed for yarn and other thick fibers. Hair is not one of them. Every time a crochet hook passes through locks, it rips hairs into smaller and smaller pieces. This weakens locks, making them brittle and fragile. Over time, they can become so weak that they can't support their own weight.

if you've heard all of this before, good. Sorry to repeat it. If not, check out the recovery pages

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/07/14 10:35:19PM @soaring-eagle:

01/07/14 08:26:10PM @darkstar:

Welcome. So you went all natural?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/07/14 10:35:19PM @soaring-eagle:

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