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Location: Magalia, CA
Zipcode: 95954
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/30/11 11:26:56PM @soaring-eagle:

Sarah Carter
12/13/10 09:55:17AM @arrows-of-the-rainbow:

How are you buddy......

your dreads are looking superb...!!!

Sarah Carter
11/21/10 04:27:48AM @arrows-of-the-rainbow:

Sarah Carter
11/21/10 04:26:33AM @arrows-of-the-rainbow:

Hannah Marie
11/18/10 12:40:00AM @panda-monium:
thank you! yours look good as well!peace n love

Charles Ti Mega
11/16/10 09:04:28PM @niels:
yes! I love Slash, AC/DC, QUEEN ETC! If it sounds good, I will rock it! :)

Troy FootsoulJah Leavy
11/16/10 07:44:24PM @bastien-daoust-beaudin:
Thanks lil brother....I'm honored!

Sarah Carter
11/09/10 02:25:26AM @arrows-of-the-rainbow:

Julie Edelman-Pursel
10/16/10 11:37:15AM @rainbowsorrow:
Hi no I play percussion, I have a nice collection of drums,I know where Kingsland road is, It is in North London

Julie Edelman-Pursel
10/16/10 06:36:01AM @rainbowsorrow:
Hey Adi hows things? How is the manic city of Mumbai,I'm from Wimbledon in South West London just chillin on a week end when I'm not working but the weather is horrible so have to stay in

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