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Jonathan Farr


Location: Katy, TX
Zipcode: 77494
Country: US


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water everyday

By Jonathan Farr, 2012-12-08

Hey everyone! you all are so amazing and this site is great. i am 2 weeks into my journey and just have a question. i was wondering if it is bad to wet my head everyday. ive never really thought too much about it and just need some input.

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Day 2, any tips for washing etc...?

By Jonathan Farr, 2012-11-24

So i just started yesterday and my hair is not that long at all (2 inches barely) but why wait more time till it is long right?

Any way i am notexactlysure how often i should wash my hair. normally i shower everyday, but dont wash my hair. should i just wake up and go on certain days with my hair lookin crazy and no shower?

I have very curly hair that will probably dread fast. anyway tips and suggestions are great!

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