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I don't know

By: Joke
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This is not about dreads.

It's about this guy I know. We had a little something. He dumped his girlfriend. Or at least he said so. For some reason I didn't believe a word he said and I should have followed my intuition on this. Now, after he "dumped" her he said he didn't had time for a relationship and blabla, you know.. What they always say. But last week he said he maybe could give it a try. He didn't know. He was confused and some more blablabla. And today he says to me he is back together with is ex.

I don't know. For the last weeks I thought I didn't feel anything for him anymore but this sucks. So I deleted him out of my life. Something I should have done a long time ago.

And for some reason things like this always happen to me. I think I am just too naive. I like to see the good in every human being. Maybe that is wrong..

06/27/11 11:10:30AM @joke:

Yes, I do always see the good in people.. sometimes even if they did bad things to me. I forget the bad they did and only think of the good things. I shouldn't do that but I can't help it.

I do know it has not really anything to do with me. But I should keep in mind that not all the people I will meet will be good to me. I always forget about that :) I really am too nave.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/26/11 02:51:37AM @soaring-eagle:

oh damn thats such a familiar story haha same shit happens to me allll the time too ()recently too) but ya know that doesnt have anything to do with you and how special you are as a person it has to do with the limitations of the ppl u meet who just dont have the same capacity to care its a selfishness i think ..but u know ui can tell yoir an amazing person and others will see that oo just not everyone wu]ill have your capacity to care yoir concern for others and your willingneess to trust..alotta ppl self sabatouh=ge they get into a relationship thats good and it scares them or they get that selfish desire to leave rather then have to give up theyre freedom to just be with random ppl withoput having to care

just dont worry biut it

someone will appreciate you for u soon enough

06/19/11 10:14:58AM @joke:
Yeah, I think I'm gonna do that too :)

Andrea Schneider
06/19/11 10:04:18AM @andrea-schneider:

ugh men sometimes! sometimes it would just be easier for us girls to be lesbians! lol don't go for guys in relationships. Ever. Never show feelings for them until they are single. That's my advice from experience

06/19/11 09:45:41AM @joke:
Thank you for understanding. I wil always keep smiling and I'm not gonna let this bring me down :) It is just hard to believe there are still good men in this world after being hurt many times. But I know not everyone is the same and one day I will meet someone who is good for me :)

06/19/11 09:34:16AM @joke:

Thank you. I have just deleted his number :) And I think I will soon feel better. Now he is out of my life it feels so much better. I should have done this months ago. But when I wanted to, he talked to me and I thought I should just give it another week.. and another week.. and so on.

06/19/11 09:25:11AM @mastahchef:
shulda never gave that chump a chance. If you werent shure he broke up with his gf, shulda asked her. and after you delete his facebook, delete the number. no need to revisit the past!

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